A cookie is a text file that is stored by a web server on a computer or mobile device. Only the server that created the cookie can retrieve and read that cookie. Cookies are specific to the browser or mobile application you are using. The text in a cookie usually includes identifiers, the page name, and some numbers and characters.

Duc Vu Herbal Medicine sometimes stores cookies on computers or mobile devices for the purpose of improving user experience, including the following scenarios:

(1) Technical cookies: Login and authentication. When you have a Duc Vu Herbal ID to log into a website, a “session-based” cookie ensures that you access the functions on this website as smoothly as possible.

(2) Personalization Cookies: Stores your preferences and settings. A website may use cookies to save settings such as language and font size settings on your computer or mobile device, items in your shopping cart, and other browser preferences.

(3) Advertising cookies. Duc Vu Herbal Medicine uses cookies to collect information about your online activities and interests and to show you the most relevant advertisements.

(4) Statistical cookies. With cookies, Duc Vu Herbal Medicine may collect information about how you use our website and other applications, either for single visits (using session cookies) or for repeat visits. (using stable cookies).

(5) Social network cookies. Social media cookies are associated with services provided by third parties, such as ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons. The third party provides these services after realizing you have visited our website.

You can manage or delete cookies as you wish. For details, visit You can delete all cookies stored on your computer, while the latest web browsers have the option to block cookies. However, blocking cookies will require you to change your user settings each time you visit our website. Learn how to manage cookie settings for your browser here: Internet Explorer > Google Chrome > Mozilla Firefox > Safari > Opera.
If you delete cookies, you will need to change your settings the next time you visit the Duc Vu Herbals website. Note that some services of Duc Vu Herbal Medicine require the use of cookies. Disabling cookies may affect your use of some or all of the functionality of these services.

Do not track
Many web browsers have a Do Not Track function and this function may place a Do Not Track request on the website. If you allow Do Not Track on your browser, the Duc Vu Herbal Medicine websites will respect your choice.

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