The following is the return policy that Duc Vu Herbal Medicine applies to all customers who buy products at the retail system of Duc Vu Herbal Medicine as follows:

In order to ensure the interests of consumers, improve the quality of after-sales service, Duc Vu Herbal Medicine will support you to change a new product of the same type if the product has a problem that cannot be fixed immediately (due to technical errors). manufacturer’s specifications). Products can only be exchanged when the following conditions are fully met.


1. Products can only be exchanged right after the customer receives the goods and checks that the product does not meet our requirements and commitments.

2. The product must have the seal of the company or the manufacturer intact.

3. The product is determined to be defective by the company’s or the manufacturer’s technicians.

4. The returned product must be in its original packaging, styrofoam and full accessories attached, promotional gifts (if any)…

5. The returned product is not defective in form (broken, broken, dented …)

6. The returned product must have all accompanying documents such as (purchase voucher, VAT invoice if any, warranty card, manual, catalog …)


1. Goods requested for return or exchange do not have labels or seals are torn

2. Damaged goods due to failure to store products lead to product damage

3. You yourself affect the external condition of the product such as tearing the packaging, scratching, scratching, breaking, …

4. The product has been checked and signed by the customer to confirm the condition, but then you request to return the goods due to defects in appearance (scratches, dents, yellowing, broken, chipped edges, broken edges, broken edges, broken edges, etc.) hem…).


1. You directly contact our company published on website;

After receiving a Certificate of Condition with the content of damaged goods due to the manufacturer’s fault that cannot be repaired immediately, the exchange will be made in accordance with the regulations of the company and the manufacturer.

  • The process of handling exchange or return procedures is carried out within 3 (three) days from the date of receiving sufficient information and documents as prescribed from the customer.
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